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Syrian Law Agency is the eleventh No.(11) legal company in the register of legal companies in Syria.


According to long and big experience in the matters of laws legal private in Real Estates of period more than twenty five year, and the result to the development economic rules in Syria become that defiantly should be development the  law establishments to attend the economic development in the area.


The Syrian Law Agency decided directly in the legal of laws which included in the real estate whatever was kind it after appearance the laws and the private legislations in real estate investments.


We work to become our law company the first and the only and the explorer in Syria through realization desire the dealings with us to obtain on all previous guarantees of law for stage of real estate investment, and purposed with him and to follow it.


For your services we have completely stuff from the experts, and the specialized in all law provinces, and finance, and administration which including in department of Real Estates.


General Manager

Lawyer Dr. Ammar Youssef


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